Residential & Interior Design

Enhance Your Lifestyle & The Value of Your Home

Your Lifestyle. Your Choice.

One of the most challenging components of designing any home is deciding on the style and layout that fulfils your real needs. At MLR Architects we are dedicated to delivering personalised and aesthetically appealing residential architect designs that stem from your underlying lifestyle choices. We invest a great deal of time to understand your objectives and requirements, which provides a unique platform to develop the best possible design solution that enhances your lifestyle and save you money through good residential architect design.

With over 30 years experience in residential Architect designs, you can be assured that our team of residential Architects will advise and guide you through each step of the design and building process, from selection of a site that meets your needs economically right through to incorporating the appropriate materials to maximise your home’s efficiency. We’ll give you peace of mind and ensure that your dream home will become a reality through our residential Architect services.

Personalised Residential Architect Services

MLR Architects prides itself on creating innovative residential designs that has consideration for both the environment and its occupants. Our reputation for delivering on quality residential architect designs has enabled us to establish itself as a trusted Sydney Architecture firm. Our work has also resulted in our architecture firm being well known within the Eastern Suburbs Architect and North Shore Architect arena.

Our design philosophy is centred around providing personalised service with a core emphasis on translating your project requirements and ideals into its design equivalent in a cost effective manner. Our residential Architect designs are further complimented through our interior design and furniture design services that ensures that your home maximises its circulation space and efficiency.

We look forward to working closely with you, for any enquiries about our architectural services please feel free to contact us any time on (02) 9629 3233.