Expert Reporting

Providing Independent Assessments of Building Design Matters Throughout Sydney

Expert Reporting & Witness Services

MLR Architects is a Sydney Architecture firm recognised for its unique ability to provide expert reporting and architect expert witness services to assist in mediating legal disputes covering design, professional negligence and technical defects within the building industry.

Whether it’s an individual, a builder, local authority or company that has experienced claims or losses for building defects or design negligence, our Architecture firm can provide specialised services to assist in the dispute resolution process. Upon appointment, we provide expert evidence on matters of fact and through careful examination, formulate an expert opinion relating to the matter at hand.

Experience Counts

Our extensive coverage and experience in the mediation of legal disputes has enabled our firm to develop a strong reputation for providing accurate inspections and assessments, allowing our Sydney Architecture firm to progressively assist a wider scope of individuals, lawyers, architects, builders and other related companies in the mediation process.

We look forward to working closely with you, for any enquiries about our architectural services please feel free to contact us any time on (02) 8667 5341.