Our Method

Experience The Difference

At MLR Architects we can assure you that our professionalism and commitment to excellence will allow you to achieve your desired outcomes for your building project. Our Sydney Architecture firm will help make this process simple for you and have identified key stages so that you know exactly what to expect. Whether your project requires the support of an Inner Western Sydney Architect, an Eastern Suburbs Architect or a North Shore Architect, our team of Sydney Architects will provide you with the appropriate support and guidance throughout.

1. Interview

We will determine your needs and requirements to devise an in depth brief for your project.

2. Ascertain Budget

To ensure that your design is viable we will ascertain your budget and modify the brief to ensure that the design meets your budget.

3. Fee Proposal

Based on your detailed brief and budget assessment we will formulate a full fee proposal for your review so that you know what to expect.

4. Schematic Drawings

Upon agreement of the fee proposal MLR Architects will produce schematic drawings to establish and help you understand the relationship between rooms and spaces, while providing you with confidence that the design meets your requirements or lifestyle needs.

5. Design Development Drawings

To give you a greater appreciation of your design MLR Architects will design development drawings that comprise of 3D renderings of both the interior and exterior spaces. This enables us to view the building in its entirety and the interactions between the interior and exterior elements.

6. Prepare Documentation

MLR Architects is well versed with council requirements and will handle both the liaising and lodgement of your DA to ensure that your design meets their specifications.

7. Construction Drawings

Once we have received DA approval from council, MLR Architects will organise constructions drawings and detailed specifications of your building.

8. Tender Preparation & Submission

MLR Architects will look after the preparation of the tender documents and will tender the project to various builders.

9. Tender Evaluation

Tenders are received and evaluated thoroughly by MLR Architects. If the tender is within your specified budget then we will prepare the contract, which is followed by the project commencement. If the tenders are not within your specified budget, then in conjunction with you as the client, we will delete and reduce the scope of works and overall finish to meet the budget.

10. Project Starts

Communication is highly emphasised at MLR Architects and we demonstrate this through weekly meetings held with you to keep which enables us to inform you of the overall progress and to resolve any issues that arise. We also take minutes of every meeting for documentation purposes.

11. Builder Claims

During the development phase, we assess works carried out by the builder and ensure that the quality of work is as per the specifications. If it meets the specified standards, then we will issue a certificate to which the owner pays out the certificate. Upon receipt of each certificate we retain 10% of the claimed amount and the retention money is placed in a joint name bank account between the builder and yourself – the client. We will continue to retain 10% of each certificate until we reach a total amount of 5% of the total contract sum.

12.Practical Completion

Prior to the practical completion of your project MLR Architects will conduct a full inspection of the building and issue the builder a list of defects that must be rectified. Once the builder completes rectification we will issue the certificate of practical completion and release 50% of the retention monies.

The remaining 50% is held in a joint name bank account for a period of 12 months – this is referred to as the defect liabilities period. After the 12 months period the builder will request the release of the retention monies at which time we will carry out another full inspection and list out any additional defects that the builder must rectify. When all the defects have been fully attended to, and we are satisfied, we will issue a fund of certificate and thereby release the final retention money.